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Jeffrey K. Mullins, MD

Jeffrey K. Mullins, MD

CHI Memorial Urology Associates


Professional Education
MD, West Virginia University

Post-Graduate Training
Internship, Johns Hopkins Hospital
Residency, Johns Hopkins Hospital
Fellowship, Johns Hopkins Hospital

American Board of Urology 

Dr. Mullins discusses metabolic screening and steps you can take to decrease your risk of forming kidney stones.

Dr. Mullins discusses lifestyle modifications that can help prevent cancer or increase your odds of beating prostate cancer.

Dr. Mullins discusses genomic testing for prostate cancer. 

Dr. Mullins discusses Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) testing and prostate screening.

Dr. Mullins discusses MRI ultrasound fusion prostate biopsy

Dr. Mullins discusses metabolic screening for kidney stones.

Dr. Mullins discusses urinary incontinence non-surgical treatments.

Dr. Mullins discusses kidney cancer diagnosis and treatment options.