Orbera Weight Loss Balloon

A True Expert

Before receiving approval, the balloon device was studied using clinical trials. Dr. Jaime Ponce was the lead principal investigator of the study that led to the FDA approval of one of the first-available gastric balloons in the US, and has presented data about the balloon at multiple national conferences. He is well-familiar with the benefits, risks, and process involved with succeeding at weight loss with the balloon.

Who is a Candidate?

The Orbera balloon has been approved for patients with a BMI between 30 & 40. To estimate your BMI, you can use this chart. Patients whose BMIs fall into the red area are candidates for the Orbera balloon. Candidates must also have one obesity-related health condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

The Procedure

This balloon is a non-surgical procedure because it is placed “endoscopically.” This means that a tube is inserted down the throat, into the patient’s stomach and the balloon is placed with that tube. Placing the balloon generally takes under 10 minutes and is performed under light sedation.

Once placed, the balloon is filled with saline. The balloon takes up about as much room as the size of a grapefruit. Approved as a temporary device only, the balloon is removed in a similar procedure, within 6 months of being placed.

A Comprehensive Program 

The Orbera managed weight loss system is not a cure for obesity. It helps with weight loss. During your time with the balloon, you will have the chance to develop new lifestyle skills. Working hard on these new habits will give you the best chance of losing weight. It can help patients lose 3.1x the weight of diet and exercise alone.

Once every month for 6 months you will meet with the staff at our practice. At each monthly meeting, you will receive that treatment and more, including: 

  • Customized coaching based on your progress
  • Diet support
  • Exercise support
  • Educational support
  • Review of your Patient Portal
  • Body composition and weight measurements
  • Review of your targets and online support
  • Behavioral and emotional support in one-on-one or group sessions as needed


The cost of the one year comprehensive program is $6799*. This not only includes the device, insertion and removal procedures (surgeon, anesthesia, and facility), but a full 6 months of follow up with our highly trained medical and nutritional staff members. Financing is available. 

*$6,799 is the discounted cash pay price if paid by cashier’s check or money order. The total cost of the procedure is $6,999.


Thank you for visiting CHI Memorial Metabolic and Bariatric Care. We are a group of weight loss experts, led by Dr. Jaime Ponce, who focus on a complete program for our patients to lose weight. We are committed not only to a successful procedure - including gastric sleeve, gastric band, gastric bypass, revisions and weight loss balloons - but also in an aftercare program that gives you the best chance for success. 

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