CHI Memorial Medical Group

Second Opinion Clinic 

If you’ve been told it’s lung cancer, the thought of living with this disease and going through treatment can be overwhelming. Some might even feel like giving up hope. But at CHI Memorial, you have options in this fight.

For the last 50 years, little improvement was made in how lung cancer was treated – but that’s changing. Breakthroughs in drug therapies, radiation and surgical techniques are helping people live longer and better lives than we ever thought possible. 

At CHI Memorial, our team of lung cancer experts – lead by Rob Headrick, M.D., board certified thoracic surgeon – are on your side in the fight against cancer, and use the latest staging, diagnostic and interventional technologies, advanced radiation and chemotherapy, and cutting-edge surgical techniques available in the region. 

Unless you’re receiving care from a team who is focused only on treating lung cancer, you may be missing out on the latest approaches to beating this disease. If you’ve received a diagnosis you don’t understand, we want to talk with you. We want to help.  

Please call (423) 495-5864 (LUNG) if you have any questions.