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Surgical Treatment Options

Gastric Sleeve

The sleeve gastrectomy, also referred to as gastric sleeve surgery, is a very effective operation that can be done laparoscopically with several small incisions. The size of the stomach is reduced to 60 – 80 cc (70-80% smaller than the normal stomach size) resulting in hormonal changes that reduce hunger. Patients typically lose 50% to 60% of their excess body weight. With sleeve gastrectomy surgery, the pyloric valve that regulates emptying of the stomach is preserved allowing the feeling of fullness after eating to last.

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Gastric Banding 

Gastric band surgery is a safe, effective weight loss solution. Gastric banding is performed laparoscopically using several small incisions. It requires no stapling or cutting of the stomach, and the amount of food a patient can eat can be adjusted without the need for further surgery. The gastric band avoids irreversible changes to the stomach and bowel anatomy, and, if for any reason it needs to be removed, the stomach generally returns to its original form. 

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Gastric Bypass

In the gastric bypass procedure, which is more specifically called the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, stapling creates a small (15 to 20cc) stomach pouch. The remainder of the stomach is completely stapled shut and divided from the small stomach pouch. The outlet from the newly formed pouch empties directly into the lower portion of the jejunum (part of the small intestines), thus bypassing some of the intestines that take care of calorie absorption. This is done by dividing the small intestine just beyond the duodenum for the purpose of bringing it up and constructing a connection with the newly formed stomach pouch. 

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